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Is the Perception of Your Competence Under Your Control?

December 6, 2012 12:46 pm


In this edition of Global Leader Radio, we learn the perception of our competence should not be left to chance.  Legacy Executive Benefits LLC’s David Harper & Denise Chisolm and Your SweetSpot’s Dr. Kym Harris joined host Alvin C. Miles as in studio guests to discuss their experiences, and share their wisdom & tips to improve how others perceive YOUR competence.

Here are seven takeaways from our discussion:

  1. The perception of competence extends far beyond performance.
  2. FEAR is wasteful.
  3. Raise your “relational” capital.
  4. Give AND seek behavior-based BETand BEAR feedback.
  5. Combining a unique EMBA experience with a diverse professional background provides the confidence to take on new assignments outside your comfort zone.
  6. To “manage your margin”- carve out time in your day to organize, prioritize & reflect.
  7. “Wherever I go, I follow myself!”

Listen to Denise, David and Dr. Kym as they discuss these points, then add them to your leadership toolkit. Leadership IS a conversation!

Denise Chisolm / Director of Fiduciary Management, Legacy Executive Benefits, LLC

Denise A. Chisolm has in-depth knowledge and experience in compliance after serving several years in various roles within the Broker Dealer and Registered Investment Advisory communities.  She served as a Compliance Office, trainer, and has experience in SEC, FINRA and DOL audits.

Ms. Chisolm began her career in recruiting at FSC Securities, an Atlanta-based Broker Dealer, where she proactively recruited Registered Principals within the Northern, Mid-West and Western regions. Within the first six months in the industry, she successfully acquired the FINRA General Securities, Investment Advisor and Registered Securities Principal licenses.

Ms. Chisolm has a Bachelor of Science degree from St. John’s University with a concentration in Criminal Justice and Psychology and a Master of Business Administration in Marketing. She is a frequent volunteer with Northpoint Ministries, and has recently begun volunteering with MUST Ministries.

Contact Denise: (770) 232-0303 ext. 1176,


David Harper / President & CEO, Legacy Executive Benefits, LLC

Since 1978, David Harper has worked with companies in the design and implementation of executive benefit plans providing both qualified and nonqualified plan solutions. In 1999, Mr. Harper, along with Bill Straub, founded ERI Advisors, LLC in Atlanta, Georgia, a consulting firm dedicated to providing executive benefit solutions to large private and public companies. In April 2003, ERI Advisors was selected to become an affiliate firm of Retirement Capital Group (RCG), and in 2004, became one of their Regional Offices; RTG Southeast, until January 2011.  In January 2011, Mr. Harper and Mr. Straub founded Legacy Executive Benefits, LLC.

He is a graduate of Davidson College, where he was a Division I quarterback ranked 3rd nationally in passing. David has served on the Board of the Good Samaritan Health Center and currently serves on the Metro Atlanta Urban Young Life Board.  He and his wife, Anne, authored the book “Light Their Fire for God” (developing virtues in your children) published by Moody Press and released 2001.

Contact David: (770) 232-0303 x1178,


Dr. Kym Harris / Founder and CEO, Your SweetSpot Coaching & Consulting, LLC

Dr. Kym Harris says the mission of Your SweetSpot™ is to strengthen the leadership effectiveness and boost the executive success of leaders in corporate, academic, and non-profit organizations through one-on-one coaching, group coaching, and customized development experiences.

Dr. Harris is a Board Certified Coach that specializes in Executive Coaching, Career Management Coaching, and Life Coaching.   She is well known for her action oriented coaching model, which is grounded in self-efficacy, personal accountability, the pursuit of authentic relationships, and value based decision-making.

Dr. Harris’ 27-year career in Human Resources and Talent Development represents experience in the public sector (Florida Department of Transportation), higher education (University of Miami and Emory University), and two corporate organizations (The Home Depot and Cox Enterprises -Manheim).  In her last corporate role as Sr. Director of Employee & Leadership Development and Training, Dr. Harris led Manheim’s corporate University, which included the development and delivery of enterprise wide and business critical training, leadership development, mentoring programs, talent reviews and succession planning, and management trainee programs.

Dr. Harris serves on two boards.  Emerge provides scholarships to support women who have demonstrated a deep commitment to both reaching their educational goals and giving back to their communities.  The Women Employment Opportunity Program (WEOP) is committed to the mission of promoting the economic advancement of women with technology-based solutions, tools, training and business opportunities to advance economic sustainability.  She also serves as a mentor in the Spelman Coca-Cola Leadership Mentoring Program.

Dr. Harris holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Rutgers University, a Master’s degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Human Resource Management from Nova Southeastern University, and a Doctorate degree in Organizational Leadership from Argosy University.  Her doctoral research explored the impact of the glass ceiling on the career strategies of African American women in middle management positions of corporate America.

Contact Kym: (770) 918-0981,


Which Book Has Most Impacted Your Leadership Ability?







Dr. Kym:

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