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Game-Changing Strategies for Legendary Leadership!



In this edition of Global Leader Radio!™, we discuss how to develop into a legendary leader by staying relevant and legitimate – both personally and professionally. Alvin C. Miles interviewed Carl Jefferson as he shared several game-changing leadership strategies that can help us grow from being “legends in our own mind”, to becoming “legends in our own time.”

Here are seven takeaways from our discussion:

  1. “Business is the business of relationships!”
  2. Think differently about change.
  3. Stay current and relevant through development, reading & education.
  4. “Becoming comfortable can produce a false sense of being legendary.”
  5. Consider using the “A-B-C-D rule” when motivating others.
  6. Leaders should be aware of who they are first.
  7. Customize your strategy to ensure you are serving others individually.

Carl provides great insight to help you think more like a global leader of the future. Add his ideas to your leadership toolkit to help increase YOUR influence. Leadership IS a conversation!


Carl Jefferson / Senior Vice-President, Organizational Leadership & Talent Management Solutions, Careers in Transition


Carl C. Jefferson is a Lifetime Member of the National Association of African Americans in Human Resources (NAAAHR) and brings over seventeen years of Human Resources and Talent Management accomplishments to his first term as the Association’s Vice Chairman.  Under Carl’s leadership, as a two-term National President of NAAAHR, the Association has doubled its national presence and executed over 200 leadership meetings and conferences on Human Resources, Talent Management, Diversity & Inclusion and Performance Management.

Mr. Jefferson is a Human Resources Executive and Talent Management Officer whose career assignments have included Chief People Officer with Al Copeland Investments; VP of Human Resources and Organization Development Consulting with Wachovia Corporation and Sr. Director of Human Resources & Talent Management with Denny’s Restaurants. In each of these roles, he served as a senior business partner to executives and community leaders in customizing enterprise-wide employee engagement and people leadership initiatives.

He earned a BA in Psychology from the University Of Baltimore, and two graduate degrees from The Johns Hopkins University — MS in Organization Development & Human Resources Management and an MBA in General Management.  He recently completed his PhD coursework in Organizational Leadership at the University of Maryland, Eastern Shore.

Carl is passionate about HR, Diversity & Inclusion and Talent Management and believes that organizations who invest in strategic human capital planning, mass career customization and inclusion initiatives outperform businesses that operate the HR function as an administrative cost center.  For Jefferson, iconic business success is achieved through high levels of employee engagement and quantifiable performance management solutions.

He is based in Atlanta, GA and serves on several non-profit boards to support youth in achieving positive career and education outcomes.  He is frequently interviewed and quoted in the national media and is a sought after speaker, lecturer and facilitator on human resources, inclusion, and people leadership themes.  He is also a member of the Society for Human Resource Management and International Leadership Association.

Contact Carl: (770) 414-1026,

Which Book Has Most Impacted Your Leadership Ability?


Intelligent Hubs, Think Tanks and Leadership of the Future!

In this edition of Global Leader Radio!™, we discuss how to increase your influence, develop future leadership and stay true to self.  Stacie Hagan and Lisa Dugan joined host Alvin C. Miles to share how clarity, focus and discipline will help you become a better leader.

Here are seven takeaways from our discussion:

  1. Use the “stack pole” framework as a guide for what’s important in life .
  2. Do you have access to a “Think Tank”?
  3. “Intelligent Hubs” are the glue in your organization.
  4. Effective leaders utilize “CAREfrontation” to get their message across!
  5. “Internalization, not emulation” will enhance your leadership ability.
  6. “The more aware I am, the better I can do.”
  7. “Pause & reflect” to ensure alignment with your life’s purpose.

Lisa and Stacie provide great insights to help you think more like a global leader of the future. Add their ideas to your leadership toolkit to help increase YOUR influence. Leadership IS a conversation!

Lisa Dugan / Chairperson, Vistage International, Partner & Executive Coach, Bixler Consulting Group

Lisa Dugan served 17 years as a partner and executive coach with the Bixler Consulting Group, an executive coaching firm specializing in leadership development before moving to Vistage International. Her expertise lies in coaching C-level and high potential individuals of Fortune 1000 companies; enhancing a myriad of leadership qualities including strategic thinking, decision making, communication, and teambuilding skills. She is co-author of Take Action! 18 Proven Strategies for Advancing in Today’s Changing Business World, published by Random House, and 5 Steps to Professional Presence, published by Adams Media.

Lisa holds a BA in Sociology from Shippensburg University. She is certified in the following assessment instruments: Hermann Brain Dominance Instrument, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, the Hogan Series and DiSC. Her leadership work extends into the classroom as an adjunct professor and advisory board member for the EMBA program at Kennesaw State University.

Contact Lisa:


Stacie Hagan / EVP, EarthLink, Inc.

Stacie Hagan is responsible for overall people strategy design and implementation  as EVP for EarthLink, Inc. These responsibilities include organization design, workforce and succession planning, talent development, compensation, benefits, HRIS, recruiting, employee relations and compliance.

EVP, People & Corporate Processes for EarthLink, Inc., a leading IT services, network and communications provider to more than 150,000 businesses and over one million consumers nationwide.

As an officer and member of EarthLink’s executive team, Stacie is

In addition, Stacie leads end-to-end corporate process improvement for all operational workflows across the customer lifecycle. Her leadership ensures synchronized business processes across functional areas, careful tracking of corporate KPIs and facilitates process improvement to improve EarthLink’s customer experience.


Prior to joining EarthLink, Stacie was co-founder and President of SynerChange International, Inc., an executive coaching and organization development consulting firm with proprietary materials to improve innovation, communications, change management and leadership skills. Stacie co-authored The Chicken Conspiracy: Breaking the Cycle of Personal Stress and Organizational Mediocrity (1999). She is a member of the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee for the Technology Association of Georgia (TAG), and serves as co-president for the Human Resources Leadership Forum (HRLF). She is a graduate of Yale University.

Contact Stacie:



Which Book Has Most Impacted Your Leadership Ability?




Business Savvy & Creativity; A Winning Combination for Leaders!

In this edition of Global Leader Radio!™, we discuss the notion of bringing ideas to life through innovation, empowerment and results. Host Alvin C. Miles interviewed Phillip Boykin and Peter Pasternack who shared how combining business savvy with creativity helped them become better leaders.

Here are seven takeaways from our discussion:

  1. “The backbone of business is Accounting!”
  2. “There is nothing new under the sun; it’s about how you put it together that makes it new!”
  3. Your ability to produce should be your differentiator.
  4. The best leaders surround themselves with people who help illuminate their blind spots.
  5. People are most comfortable when they have someone to relate to.
  6. Don’t fear failure!
  7. “Making ‘easy money’ in business requires preparation & hard work!”

In this podcast, Phillip and Peter provide great examples to illustrate the points above. Add their ideas to your leadership toolkit to help increase YOUR influence. Leadership IS a conversation!


Phillip Boykin Jr. / Creative Director, Shark Branding

Phillip Boykin currently serves as the Creative Director for Shark Branding, a New York based advertising and marketing agency founded by Daymond John, CEO of FUBU and one of the stars of the hit ABC entrepreneurial reality show, Shark Tank. Phillip is tasked with developing marketing properties from concept to reality for brands across a wide range of verticals. Phillip expertise includes sponsorship procurement,  strategic alliances, talent buying and placement and contract negotiations. Phillip has worked with brands such as Rolls Royce, Diageo, Bentley, The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, DirecTV, Wing Stop and the International Franchise Association to name a few.

Prior to joining Shark Branding, Phillip served as Executive Vice President of Business Development at Coliseum Enterprises where he worked on the branding initiatives of professional athletes. Prior to Coliseum, Phillip worked with fixed income mortgage derivatives in Atlanta as well as on Wall Street.

Mr. Boykin attended the University of Memphis where he majored in Manufacturing Engineering. He resides in Atlanta with his wife of 6 years, Hazel Boykin.

Contact Phillip: (404) 275-8087,


Peter Pasternack / Principal, Foundations Design, LLC

Peter Pasternack graduated from the University of Georgia with an undergraduate and master’s degree in accounting. He began his career at Price Waterhouse before moving to the banking industry where he gained over 20 years of experience. He’s financed over 500 businesses and knows firsthand why some ventures succeed and many fail.

In 2005 Peter co-founded Foundations Design, LLC. The company designs, builds, and renovates residential and commercial property. Peter is responsible for the operational and financial aspects of Foundations Design as well as the long term growth of the company.

The initial success of Foundations Design and resulting media interest led to a leading role on one of television’s most recognized real estate investment and home renovation shows, A&E’s Flip This House. On the show, Mr. Pasternack is routinely seen integrating his business savvy with trademark enthusiasm. Peter has been called upon to offer his knowledge and experience to prospective entrepreneurs through local and national media outlets such as Alpharetta Magazine and Lang and Thomas Real Estate in addition to various speaking and radio engagements.

Peter has worked diligently for his many achievements and believes in passing on the information that has made him so successful. He is excited about sharing his knowledge and skills in making money and believes strongly in the entrepreneurial spirit.

Contact Peter: (404) 275-8087,


Which Book Has Most Impacted Your Leadership Ability?