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Frontier Assets, Leadership & The Entrepreneurial Mindset!


In this edition of Global Leader Radio!™, we discuss strategies to leverage your leadership assets & sharpen your entrepreneurial mind. Dr. Mark Bell and Kevin Johnson joined host Alvin C. Miles to discuss the elements of success for identifying your passions, the art of funding your ideas, and understanding the habits of “elite” entrepreneurs!


Here are seven takeaways from our discussion:


  1. Work in the area of your passion now – get paid for it later!
  2. Business life is a calling.
  3. When you choose to volunteer, be sure you are being best utilized.
  4. Be flexible in balancing life & career.
  5. The greatest benefit of formal education is personal development.
  6. If you want a big outcome, why utilize a small approach?
  7. The more I read, the more I make!

Listen in as Mark and Kevin describe strategies and resources to nurture and leverage your entrepreneurial desires. Add their insights, tips and resources to your leadership toolkit. Leadership IS a conversation!

Mark Bell/ Chief Strategy Officer & Chief Executive Officer, Brand Bank

Mark R. Bell, D.Phil., M.St., was formerly Chief Operating Officer for the sister company of Brand Bank – Brand Properties, a real estate and development firm. In these capacities he has led a number of transactions including the purchase of US Premium Finance, a national premium finance company, the establishment of the Villages of Gwinnett Stadium (noted as the “Deal of the Decade” by Atlanta Business Chronicle), and the build out of a consumer finance partnership with The Home Depot. He also underwrote and bid over $1.2 billion of distressed loans, largely held by the FDIC, which resulted in the successful purchase of nearly $250MM of loans and the later establishment of a note buying fund (NoteSouth). Dr. Bell led the $200MM recapitalization of the Brand Bank by a group of investors including the Carlyle Group, the Stephens Group, and the Cousins family office. Subsequent to the recapitalization, he helped lead the Bank to nearly 30% annual loan growth. Dr. Bell is also currently a Research Fellow and Adjunct Professor of Finance at Emory University’s Center for Alternative Investments, where he teaches on a range of “frontier” investments.

Prior, he was the director of strategy and a private equity investor at D. E. Shaw & Co., which by the time of his departure had become the world’s largest hedge fund. Dr. Bell was directly involved the fund’s rapid expansion into illiquid investing—he played an integral role in establishing a “side pocket” in the fund which became an engine for investing in alternative energy assets, international real estate, and traditional private equity and venture capital deals. He also helped to launch the firm’s efforts in reinsurance. He became an integral part of the private equity team and he went on to lead transaction work in wind energy, clean coal, and biofuels. Dr. Bell also worked at McKinsey & Co. where he was involved in the then rapidly deregulating energy industry.

Dr. Bell was the valedictorian of his Stanford Class, graduating with a 4.0 and honors, and received a Marshall Scholarship to study at Oxford University where he received his doctorate and masters degree and was both a Jowett Senior Scholar and the Vice Chancellor’s scholar. In Oxford he also served as a college lecturer at Balliol and Christ Church Colleges. He is also the recipient of a Fulbright Scholarship. He is the author of one scholarly monograph, six peer-reviewed articles, and several book chapters. He is on the boards of the Bodleian Library in Oxford, England, the alumni association of Trinity School, Woodruff Arts Center and MAP International.

Dr. Bell is a member of the board of Councilors at the Carter Center and is a member of the U.S. Marshall Scholars Selection committee.

Contact Mark: (678) 985-6632,


Kevin Johnson/ Executive Director, Johnson Media Inc.

Kevin D. Johnson, 33, is president of Johnson Media Inc. As a serial entrepreneur, he has over 13 years of experience leading his multimillion-dollar marketing and communications company that serves many of the most notable Fortune 100 businesses. As an innovative leader, he has appeared on ABC’s Good Morning America, CBS, Oprah Radio, and in Forbes, The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal. Moreover, he has appeared on CNN frequently.

Kevin is also the best-selling author of The Entrepreneur Mind: 100 Essential Beliefs, Characteristics, and Habits of Elite Entrepreneurs.

He lives in Atlanta, Georgia with his wife and son.

Contact Kevin: (404) 328-8841,


Which Book Has Most Impacted Your Leadership Ability?




Does Community Involvement Make Business Sense?

In this edition of Global Leader Radio!™, we discuss how leadership acumen contributes to the  fabric of our communities. Emmy-award winning host of  “Nuestra Georgia,” Mariela Romero joins host Alvin C. Miles to talk about the connections between community involvement, leadership and making business sense!

Here are seven takeaways from our discussion:

  1. Look for powerful influences within your family!
  2. The jobs of the future will require education.
  3. Use your resources.
  4. The best leaders have found their passion!
  5. Take everything as a learning process!
  6. Success comes quickly when you team, teach & delegate.
  7. Everyone has influence!

Listen in as Mariela describes the interdependence of community involvement and success in business. Add these insights to your leadership toolkit to help increase YOUR influence. Leadership IS a conversation!

Mariela Romero / Community Affairs Director, Univision Atlanta

Mariela Romero was born in Caracas, but grew up between four different countries, her native Venezuela, France, Mexico and Argentina. She graduated in communications and journalism from Argentinean Universities “Católica Santa María de los Buenos Aires and Universidad de Belgrano.”

Mariela has a television career spanning more than a decade and over several countries. In Venezuela, she produced the talk show “Tú y Yo Con” for network station Televen. She then went on to serve as Language Specialist for Georgia Public Broadcasting’s multi-award winning Spanish-language educational series, “Salsa. Afterwards, she moved on to produce, coordinate, and anchor on CNN en Español Radio. Later, she worked as a Spanish language narrator of documentaries and news feeds for “Connect with Kids” network. During this time she also served as voice over talent for clients such as PBS “Great Museums”, Amtrak, The Georgia Lottery, Teach for America, Chick-Fil-A, Terex, CitiFinancial and many others. For two years she was involved in the Public Relations field working with the American Diabetes Association, Microsoft, Discovery Channel and Walmart for the public relations company, News Generation.

Mariela joined Univision in 2010 as Community Affairs Director. She resides in Atlanta with her husband and children.

Contact Mariela: (404) 926-3893,


Which Book Has Most Impacted Your Leadership Ability?



Mobilizing Your Leadership to “Spark” a Non-Profit Movement!


In this edition of Global Leader Radio!™, we discuss how anyone can spark societal change by mobilizing their leadership skills. Pat Pittard and Sharon Simpson Joseph shared their passion and experiences in this interview with host Alvin C. Miles. They discussed how you can identify your leadership strengths & apply them to the benefit of society.

Here are seven takeaways from our discussion:


  1. A strong leader leads leaders!
  2. Leading is not always about being in front.
  3. When interviewing, be knowledgeable of what you’re applying to.
  4. Know what you do well and do more of it.
  5. Have faith in the process!
  6. Pride comes in the success of your subordinates.
  7. Stay in the fight!

Listen in as Pat and Sharon describe how to spark change, give back and make a difference in the world. Add these insights to your leadership toolkit to help increase YOUR influence. Leadership IS a conversation!

Pat Pittard/ Founder, Chairman, Patrick Pittard Advisors

Patrick S. “Pat” Pittard is Founder and Chairman of Patrick Pittard Advisors; a human capital advisory firm focusing on C-level leadership services including executive search, talent assessment, talent audits, and human capital consulting. Pat is the retired CEO and Chairman of Heidrick & Struggles International, Inc., and the former Founder Chairman and CEO of ACT Bridge, Inc. Pat has appeared on multiple business broadcast media, such as CNN, MSNBC and Power Lunch and he is often quoted in the Wall Street Journal, Fortune, and BusinessWeek, as well as many international publications.

Pat received his Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Management from the Terry College of Business at the University of Georgia.

Contact Pat: (404) 226-3893,


Sharon Simpson Joseph/ Executive Director, youthSpark

youthSpark is the groundbreaking nonprofit (founded in 2000 and formerly known as the Juvenile Justice Fund) dedicated to juvenile justice and social service reform. Through its unique partnership with the largest juvenile court in the Southeast, youthSpark, directly based at the Fulton County Juvenile Court, works to transform the lives of children who have been sexually exploited, abused or neglected.

Ms. Joseph is the Executive Director of youthSpark, Inc., a nonprofit organization with the mission to Ignite Justice. Inspire Change. She leads a cadre of collaborators who are committed to growing the new youthSpark movement –to help create a world where the inherent “spark” present in all children is given the opportunity shine.

A 1989 graduate of Stanford Law School, she served as Associate Editor of the Stanford Law Review, where, after volunteering with prison programs, she wrote her Note: “The Struggle of Incarcerated Mothers.” Sharon co-chaired Women of Stanford Law, founding SLS Women’s Week. Culminating her law school experience at la Comision Para Los Asuntos de la Mujer (Commission of Women’s Affairs) in Puerto Rico, she worked as an extern to educate the public on the new and challenged sexual harassment law. A member of the California State Bar, evening the scales of justice for all is a mission Sharon has practiced on her journey as an advocate, attorney, and inspirational speaker. Her career has uniquely spanned the legal, political, and educational fields.

Her undergraduate studies were completed at Boston University, where she received a Bachelor of Science in Broadcast Journalism. She was a National Achievement Scholar.

A writer and poet, Sharon summarizes much of her early journey in her debut book: And How My Spirit Soars: Learning to Pack for an Extraordinary Journey © 2002, based upon her life-long journals and inspired philosophy on life. A successful life and writing coach, Sharon used her love of journaling and “pursuit of dreams” techniques to teach journaling workshops on life issues such as Embracing Change, Balancing Acts and Charting Our Journeys. Sharon is a former marathoner and lover of song. She lives in Atlanta, Georgia with her husband, Dr. Robert Joseph, sons Robert Luke and Joshua who attend Atlanta International School and cocker spaniel, Henry.

Contact Sharon: (404) 613-4609,


Which Book Has Most Impacted Your Leadership Ability?