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Employee Engagement – Fact or Fantasy?

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In this edition of Global Leader Radio!™, we discuss the facts and fantasies associated with organizational engagement. Whether at the micro or macro level, engagement continues to be a differentiator for top-performing organizations. Sean Hart, Gary Jones and Chad Wright joined as our in-studio guests to discuss this relevant topic moderated by Alvin C. Miles.

Here are seven takeaways from our discussion:

  1. … recognize opportunities and go for it!
  2. Maximize engagement to increase output & gain more benefit.
  3. You learn a lot about someone’s character by noticing how they treat wait staff!
  4. Assign meaning to the seemingly simple tasks you do every day.
  5. Always remember – you’re working for the reference!
  6. Invest in your team’s development; act as player or coach versus a boss or owner.
  7. Leadership is about creating better outcomes for the people involved.

Listen in as Sean, Gary & Chad discuss how your firm can benefit from increasing engagement professionally, and how you can benefit personally. Add their insights, tips and resources to your leadership toolkit. Leadership IS a conversation!


Sean Hart/ Founder & President, Georgia Development Partners (GDP)

Sean serves to position GDP as a contractor of choice by leading, motivating and growing a regional team of employees, subcontractors and consultants. He’s responsible for all of the company operations and sets company policy, financial benchmarks, cost and quality standards, and client satisfaction. Prior to founding GDP in 2004, Sean was a Project Manager with John Weiland Homes in Atlanta, and a Partner with Nelson and Sons Construction in Redmond, WA.

Sean has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Finance from Seattle University and is First Aid as well as CPR certified. He is married with three children, and lives in Newnan, GA.

Contact Sean: (404) 228-6949,


Gary Jones/ Chief Human Resources Officer, Grizzard Communications Group

Gary has over 20 years of corporate level human resources experience in a diverse set of industries including marketing services, specialty retail, wholesale, and not-for-profit.

Gary is noted for expertise in Strategic Planning, Integrating HR as a Strategic Component of Business, Organizational Development and Restructuring, Performance Management and Evaluation, Team/Leadership Development, Coordinating HR Legal Affairs, Training/Development, Management of Employee Life Cycle and for the ability to quickly integrate into a respected, contributing member of the senior team. In 2010, he was awarded a 2010 SHAPE Award by SHRM Atlanta for Achievement of Professional Excellence in Human Resources.

He holds graduate degrees in Administration as well as Counseling and served as adjunct professor in Mercer University’s MBA program for nearly 10 years, teaching courses in human resources, organizational behavior and management.

Gary has served as a board member and advisor to several business and community groups including SHRM Atlanta, Career Spa, and Baptist Medical Center. His primary hobbies and interests revolve around guitars, classic rock, unsuccessful attempts to lower his golf handicap, and travel.

Contact Gary: (678) 935-7486,


Chad Wright/ VP, Georgia Development Partners (GDP)

Chad leads the business development and new market initiatives of GDP. He has 15 years of consulting, development and contracting experience throughout the southeast.

Chad began his career as an environmental engineering consultant and he and his team led in the development, marketing and operational staffing of a top 10 golf course as rated by Golf Digest. He joined GDP in 2010 and  he applies his knowledge and experience to ensure GDP continues to be a trustworthy, dependable company for their clients.

He has a degree in Biology and Business from the University of Richmond and a Masters in Water Resource Management from Duke University. He is married and lives in Atlanta.

Contact Chad: (404) 228-6949,


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